Welcome to English Friends

Anglais 1Pleased to have you here dear Friends!

This site dedicated to interior and outdoor decoration is also open to you.

You can visualize different topics like: Trends for homes, furnitures…etc, Colour Trends, Designers innovations, and my Speciality : Home Staging, Simulations with the popular Before/After.

You are most welcome to leave your comments, these are very useful and help complete any surveys.

You can also contact me to develop your project for the home or garden. Hope to see you soon !

3 nouveaux commentaires sur “Welcome to English Friends

  1. Bill MdWhirter

    Un site très professionnel. Conception intérieure à son meilleur.

  2. Bill McWhirter

    Un site très professionnel. Conception intérieure à son meilleur

    1. Thanks a lot for your visit here and your very nice comment. Hope you will continue to come here from time to time

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